What to expect at your next visit

If you are required to attend the surgery, you must expect some big changes in the way we manage your visit.

We are now booking appointments for routine dental examinations and are also able to offer appointments for all subsequent routine treatment. However, it is unlikely that this can be completed on the same day as your examination, you will most likely be required to return at a later date.

When you attend:

  • You will receive an email or text message before your appointment with a link to complete your Covid questions. These questions are a necessity and MUST be completed prior to your appointment. If you fail to do this then we will have to cancel your appointment. If you are having any difficulty, please contact reception and we would be happy to help you.
  • Please don’t reply to the email as the inbox is not monitored.
  • Please wear a face mask/face covering when attending your appointment.
  • If you usually pay for your treatment, payment by card is preferable.
  • You will be asked to attend alone, unless the appointment is for a small child, or you are a carer/chaperone for a vulnerable adult.
  • If the appointment is for a child, please only bring that one child.
  • For child orthodontic patients, if possible, we request that the parent remains outside the practice or waits in a car.
  • Please do not bring any bags in with you.
  • You must attend the surgery on time.
  • On your arrival outside the surgery, you can check in online on using our new online portal. If you have travelled by car, you must wait in your car and make contact with the surgery either via the portal or by telephoning the surgery. We will tell you when to come to the door and then we will be able to let you in.
  • You will be asked to use hand-gel, or alternatively to wash your hands. The patient toilet will not be available, so please use your own toilet before travelling.
  • The practice will be observing a strict 2m Social Distancing policy, please be mindful of this if you come across any member of the public or staff in the reception area.
  • You will be taken straight into the surgery where the dentist will attend to you.