Treatments Offered at Dental Care

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Routine Examination (Checkup)

This will involve a thorough check of your mouth including your teeth and gum condition. It will include a screening for Oral Cancer. We will ask you questions relating to your General Health and any Medical conditions that you may have. Please keep us informed of any changes including any medications you take. It may be necessary to take x rays of your mouth to help with any diagnosis. If you require dental treatment we will provide you with a treatment plan and cost estimate, and will discuss any options involved including any private treatment. A suitable recall date will be recommended to you for your next examination based on the NICE guidelines.

Hygiene Treatment

Most commonly this will be simple scaling/polishing the teeth to remove dental scale deposits and staining from the tooth surface to improve gum health. If we diagnose gum disease we may recommend an extended treatment for cleaning with our dental Hygienist. Typically this may include thorough cleaning/polishing of the teeth and their root surfaces and further review appointments to monitor the progress. We have a comprehensive selection of specialist products for sale at reception to help you manage you oral hygiene needs.


Fillings are provided to repair teeth after they are damaged. Different materials are used depending on the circumstances. We typically use dental amalgam, composite resin and glass ionomer. We will discuss the options and recommend what material is best for you. Simple fillings using the modern adhesive systems can often be provided without the need for Local Anaesthetic, but if the filling is larger then you may require an injection to numb the area. If the tooth is badly damaged we may recommend a crown or inlay to restore it.

Crowns and Inlays

A crown is a complete cover or cap for the damaged tooth to restore it to full function and appearance. An inlay is similar to a filling but is made out of the mouth and bonded to the tooth with resin. Both are time consuming procedures involving impressions of the teeth and requiring laboratory manufacture. Metal alloy, basic porcelain and some bonded crowns can be provided on the NHS, but Private options such as Lava crowns can now offer fantastic strength and quality of appearance due to the superior materials used.


These are thin slips of porcelain resembling a false fingernail, that are made in our laboratory and bonded with resin to restore or improve the appearance of discoloured, chipped or crooked teeth. They usually require a thin layer of tooth enamel to be removed prior to fitting so that the end result is as life-like as possible. The procedure is similar to having a crown made. Veneers resemble a false fingernail. A Smile Makeover requires multiple veneers/crowns to dramatically improve a smile.


Bridges can be simply described as a number of crowns liked together to replace missing teeth. They are only one option for replacing a missing tooth, others options may include dentures or dental implants. Bridges are usually best suited to smaller gaps. Please note that it is not always possible to provide bridges on the NHS due to the costs involved.


Dentures are used to replace multiple missing teeth in one or both jaws. They are commonly made of a hard wearing acrylic/plastic resin, or Cobalt Chrome Alloy/plastic(usually a private option). Dentures usually require four appointments at the surgery over a period of a few weeks.

Root fillings

Where the tooth has been badly damaged, for example due to extensive tooth decay or trauma, the nerve of the tooth may die, becoming extremely painful or infected and leading to a dental abscess. In these circumstances the only way to try and save the tooth is with a Root Filling. This is a time consuming and difficult procedure, unfortunately success cannot be guaranteed. It is usually best to have the tooth ‘crowned’ after a root filling to strengthen and protect the brittle tooth from snapping.


Sedation is no longer provided by DentalCare in Seaton Carew, if you require any dental treatment under sedation we will advise you and arrange for this by referral to a local provider. This is currently Grace Dental, North Tees Hospital, Stockton on Tees.

Tooth Whitening

This private treatment can only be legally provided at your dentist. Dentists are now strictly governed by trading standards as to the materials we can use. This gives you complete peace of mind that DENTALCARE will only use products that are licenced, with established techniques developed to gently lighten the colour of your teeth and enhance your smile. Firstly we take impressions of your teeth and have a clear thin plastic slip custom made to fit discreetly over your teeth. We supply you with a gentle gel containing a peroxide chemical that you place into the slips and apply to your teeth. Typically most people wear these slips overnight for up to 14 days to complete the whitening process. You may experience some slight sensitivity in your teeth during treatment, but please don’t hesitate to ask for full details.


Dental Implants or ‘screw in teeth’ are fast becoming the Private treatment of choice for single, multiple missing teeth or a full denture. Titanium screws are the most common material used. The major advantage of this technique is that no damage is caused to any adjacent teeth. DENTALCARE will arrange a referral appointment to one of three specialist local Implant providers who will fully explain the techniques involved and provide you with a quotation for your work.